The mission of SikhSewa Society Toronto is to have an open platform for our fellow citizens of all ages, races, cultures, and faiths, with a simple motivation of selfless service for whole humanity.

We provide free, nutritious meals to everyone.

Our main focus is to serve the poor and homeless population. Many homeless people of the Greater Toronto Area have benefited from our food drives.

Sikh Sewa Society Toronto is run by a team of dedicated, professional volunteers for the betterment of the society.

Sikh Sewa Society Toronto also creates awareness about Sikh faith and Sikh history through the use of printed materials and social media for everyone who is interested in learning about our faith. This awareness is created by providing materials such as books, DVDs, CDs, and USBs free of cost.

Through this missionary work, our goal is not only to educate the diverse Canadian community, but also to use these donations made by our peers in a cost-effective matter to further our cause of humanitarian aid.

Sikh Sewa Society Toronto is building a community that assimilates the spirit of selfless service for everyone.

Our volunteers take pride in dedicating their time to serve the community by providing free food and educating our fellow citizens about the Sikh faith.

Food and educational material stalls are also set up by volunteers at Sikh functions throughout the GTA to allow easy access to interested individuals.