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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I volunteer with (Sewa Meals for Humanity) Sikh Sewa Society?

Simply go online to http://www.sikhsewasocietytoronto.ca/become-a-volunteer/ and click on ‘Volunteer Form & Waiver Release Form’. Fill this form out entirely and once completed, scan and email the form to sewa@sikhsewasocietytoronto.ca.

2. Can I get my high school hours through (Sewa Meals for Humanity) Sikh Sewa Society?

Sewa Meals for Humanity (Sikh Sewa Society) does provide volunteer hours for their volunteers, however there is a minimum 6-month commitment for new volunteers.

3. Can I do my co-op placement with (Sewa Meals for Humanity) Sikh Sewa Society?

There are a limited number of positions that can be fulfilled, such as serving meals at community events and preparing food. At this point in time, we would not be able to provide an administrative position to a volunteer who wishes to do co-op with the organization.

4. At what locations can I volunteer?

We volunteer at two main locations on a weekly basis: a. Saturday’s 165 Main Street North, Brampton (Opposite of Grace Church) b. Sunday’s Moss Park – 140 Sherbourne Street, Toronto (Corner of Sherbourne and Queen) We attend other locations as well as per requests from the community or in regards to our community kitchen outreach program. In the past we have attended the cities of Orangeville and Hamilton; Brampton City Hall (Sikh Heritage Month), Toronto Nathan Phillips Square (Khalsa Day Parade), Danforth Vigil (July 25th, 2018) and many other locations.

5. How can I sponsor an event?

You can email us at sewa@sikhsewasocietytoronto.ca or contact us at (905) 671-0811 and provide us with you information and other details pertaining to sponsoring.

6. How much does it cost to sponsor an event?

Each event can be different; the factors to consider are the number of attendees and the type of food that will be served. To get more information, email us at sewa@sikhsewasocietytoronto.ca or contact us at (905) 671-0811 to calculate the cost of sponsoring an event.

7. Why does your organization (Sewa Meals for Humanity) Sikh Sewa Society serve free meals to those in need?

The mission of Sikh Sewa Society Toronto is to have an open platform for our fellow citizens of all ages, races, cultures, and faiths, with a simple motivation of selfless service for humanity.

We provide free, nutritious meals to everyone. Our main focus is to serve the poor and homeless population. Many homeless people of the Greater Toronto Area have benefited from our community kitchen outreach program. We follow the teachings from our Guru’s who have taught us to give. We are simply following those teachings and carrying them forward.